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About Us

Mexican craftsmanship

Our Mission

Generate employment to communities with low resources through the manufacture of unique and handmade sandals with the distribution of products to the world.

Our Approach

Our approach is to show the world the Mexican craftsmanship to generate employment to all people who need established  jobs, to be able to support their families. Our goal is to generate employment for more individuals.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to help the community with low resources to have jobs where they can support their family, based on handmade products with different models and a variety of color combinations that will be shown to the world.

Our Story

This project began in 2014, when I was presented at an exhibition where I met my colleague Freddy de los Santos, who spoke of handicrafts. These products are developed by his brother Miguel de los Santos. The achievement to make a handmade sandal was due to just looking at the process of woven bracelet. When I heard about this marvelous proposal I decided to be the first importer of this spectacular handcrafted product to other countries. My vision of this project is to generate employment in Mexico, because of economic situation. When traveling to the USA I met Gabriela Aguilar, who is part of this great project and is contributing to make this a reality, showing the product and listening to good references from the public, as it is a unique, creative and handcrafted  product. We’re working with our team Chanclitas RG to make this a reality and to generate employment for many more people.

Our team

Our work team started with just three people. At present we have eight people making these crafts and we’re working together to bring the best handcrafted products around the world. This year we hope to have more staff in the elaboration of more handmade products and be able to generate more employment in Mexico.